Why Dentist prefer Nitrile Gloves over Latex?

Why Dentist prefer Nitrile Gloves over Latex?

Examination Gloves comes in 3 different variants namely- Latex, Vinyl & Nitrile.

Our website offers all the 3 variants for examination purposes. Latex Gloves used to be most preferred choice of most of the dentist but recently most of Dentists have moved away from Latex Gloves and started using Nitrile Gloves.

But why is that ?

Many people have found that they are allergic to Latex. Latex products is irritant contact dermatitis– the development of dry, itchy, irritated areas on the skin, usually the hands. So to avoid such reactions, Dentist prefer to use Nitrile Gloves over Latex Gloves.

Advantages of Nitrile Gloves-

-Nitrile Gloves are manufactured from Synthetic Material and chances of having allergic reactions to Synthetic Gloves are very low.

-Insulated against germs or other mouth bacteria due to their coating

-Made of a highly flexible and synthetic material which adapts to the contours of     your hand for unrestricted movement

-Incredibly puncture resistant which is essential when using pointed objects near   saliva, blood and other secretions

-Easy to put on and take off – remove the gloves quickly with no friction or static

-Now found in a variety of colors. Dress to impress and showcase your personality. On our website, you can choose from Blue and Black colours.

So there you go, it explains lot of advantages of Nitrile Examination gloves over Latex gloves and reason why Nitrile Gloves has become number one choice for Dentist.

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