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Vinyl Hand Gloves are most commonly used in Food, Medical and Beauty... 


Nitrile Hand Gloves are synthetic Gloves, contains no Latex. Are complaint with... 

  • Vinyl Hand Gloves

    Vinyl Hand Disposable Gloves are clear PVC gloves used in different industry like Food, Medical, Beauty and General Purpose.

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  • Nitrile Hand Gloves

    Nitrile Hand Gloves are made from Nitrile and 100% Latex free. Comes in Blue and Black Colour and used in Industries like- Medical, Dental, Food, Auto Mechanic, Tattoo & Beauty Saloons.

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  • Leather Hand Gloves

    Leather Hand Gloves are made from A Grade Hide. Mostly used in Industry like- Welding, Driving, Fabrication, Construction & General Purpose.

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